Welcome to Leeds!

At Leeds, we provide a foundation for life in a happy, high achieving school, where all individuals have high expectations of themselves, respect each other and strive to excel. We are extremely proud of our students’ outstanding achievements in all walks of life.

The school offers a wide range of experiences based on a progressive curriculum, extra-curricular activities and involvement with the wider community.

Our students get many opportunities to work with our branch schools thus providing a greater platform to perform and flourish.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Leeds International School and invite you to visit our school. You will be most welcome.

Admission Process

Use the details in our Contact Us page to call the relevant branch during office hours to obtain quick information.

The offices are open on all weekdays between 8am and 3.30pm and Saturdays between 8am and 12pm for admission purposes. Offices are closed on public holidays.

Offices will be closed on certain days during school holiday period - contact us or check our website for these special announcements.

Upon calling the branch, please ask for an appointment to meet the Principal and to obtain other essential information about the school.

It is essential for the parent or guardian to meet the Principal with your child before any admission.

You may get initial information from the Enrollment Officer. These may include documents such as application, prospectus, fee structure, etc.

You could also clarify the documentation required for the admission and what is needed for your meeting with the Principal.

You will be assisted with any other details you need to know about the school.

You will be asked to come with your child for an interview with the Principal.

You will be briefed about the curriculum and teaching-learning process at Leeds and it will be your opportunity to clarify any other questions you have regarding the admission of your child.

We believe in a strong partnership between the school, child and parent where we keep the child at the centre of everything we do. Every child you hand over to us, would be our child to transform into the best they could be!

You could obtain all administrative details from the school office including the fee structure, payment details, regarding uniforms & books and so on.

We gladly welcome you to the Leeds community - together we’d create the future Leaders!

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