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Welcome to Leeds International Schools Panadura, Galle, Matara, Horana, Ambalangoda, Matugama, Tangalle, Leeds Pre School Piliyandala, Bandaragama Negombo and Maharagama For the welfare , well being and safety of the students and the smooth functioning of the school , it is very important that parents are aware of the school rules and guidelines. We request you please to co-operate with us and see that your child abides by the rules and guidelines set down below.

1. The school uniform must be worn when attending school and at all school functions. Plain black shoes and grey colour socks should be worn. Students are not permitted to wear jewellery, fancy hair bands, etc. and different hair styles are not allowed. Boys should have a normal hair cut . (No variations to the uniform will be permitted according to religious practices.)

2. Students are expected to attend school regularly. When a student is absent, the class teacher should be informed of the reason through the Parents-Teacher Communication book (P. T. C. Book)

3. Students should be punctual to school and to all school activities.

4. The P. T. C. book should be completed by the parents with the student’s photograph and the parents’ address and telephone numbers. It should be sent to school daily and all communication should be conducted through the book.

5. No student will be permitted to leave school during school time, except with the approval of the Class Teacher and the Principal. In such instances, a parent should collect the student or send a responsible adult with a letter. Students of Form IV/ Grade 9 upwards may leave with a letter of request from the parents.

6.The progress report informs parents of a student’s academic progress and areas that need further attention . Parents should check and sign the Progress Report and send it back to school on the first day of the following term. A photograph of the student in the school uniform should be pasted on the relevant page.

7. Students will not be promoted if they fail to score the required average for three terms ( above 40 % ). When sending students for public examinations, the school reserves the right to withdraw any student who does not reach the expected level of achievement. Any student retained in the same grade for more than two years will be excluded from the school as it will disturb the education process in the school.

8. Participation in sports and other co-curricular activities is important for the balanced development of a child. Students are expected to participate in at least one sport activity.

9. Parents are expected to make the necessary arrangements for students to vacate school premises without delay , after school or after special classes, sports etc. after school hours.

10. Toys C. D s cassettes, radios etc. or any printed/electronic material, not suitable for students is not allowed in school. Any such item brought to school will be confiscated.

11. Any cell phone brought to school should be left at the school office.

12. Students will be responsible for loss of books they borrow from the school library, or any damage to school property.

13. Students should be respectful and courteous towards teachers.

14. A high standard of discipline is expected to be maintained by all students inside the school and outside. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who do not abide by the school rules . In extreme cases the management has the right to exclude a student from school.

15. In case of problems between two students , parents should not try to handle the problem direct with the student concerned. Complaint should be made to the school authorities for necessary action.

16. Parents are not allowed on school premises during school hours, except by appointment.

17. Any parent who needs to meet a teacher should make an appointment through the P. T. C. Book or via the school reception.

18. Payment of fees :

On admission of a child to school , Registration and Term fees should be paid at once. When a student is promoted from the Nursery to Primary One, promotion fees should be paid along with the term fees. Term fees should be paid before the beginning of a term to the bank using the slip provided by the school office. The bank deposit slip should be handed over to the school office before the beginning of the term , and a receipt will be issued to the parent . As this is a private institution, the management reserves the right to exclude a student from class if fees have not been paid before the due date. Any donation or fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.